Why you should deliver service ‘Salvatore Style’!

A few weeks ago I was having my unruly mop blow dried in between my usual cut and style. I was speaking at an event and had been told there would be an official photographer. I had to put my best foot forward!

Whilst my hairdresser, Salvatore, was tending to my tresses I commented that our next rendezvous would be a full cut and blow dry to which he replied: “Make sure you book as my last appointment, Dee. I want to ensure I have plenty of time to cut your hair and I’d like the option of spending an extra half hour of my own time to get it absolutely right.”

So how did I feel after he’d said this?

I was really chuffed that he was keen to spend extra time on my hair and that he didn’t mind eating into some of his own time to ensure it was perfect.

And this is what we want as customers isn’t it? To feel valued. To know that nothing is too much trouble; that the person delivering a service or selling a product is always willing to go the extra mile to deliver what we really need; even lavishing extra time and care when needed.

My thought for you today?

Whether you’ve been in business for a few months or several years I’d like you to  put your customer service and most importantly your attitude to serving customers under the microscope. Are you delivering exceptional service ‘Salvatore style’ or have you become a little complacent, perhaps even a little jaded in your approach to your customers?

Identify weak areas.

Be Swift in making improvements.

You can build a profitable, sustainable and successful business on the strength of delivering a WOW standard of customer service consistently.


If you’ve enjoyed this blog, you may find the customer service masterclass ‘How to wow your customers with genuine customer care’ in my latest book The 15 Essential Marketing Masterclasses For Your Small Business a useful read.

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  1. David Wike says:

    Hi Dee,

    When I run one of my public speaking workshops the joining instructions always invite people to turn up early so I’ve got time to pour them a cup of tea or coffee before we start. Several people have commented favourably on the impression this creates, especially if they are feeling a little nervous.

    It’s the small things that make a big difference!


    PS – I wish I still had sufficient hair to warrant half an hour with the hairdresser let alone an extra half hour!

  2. vince di lena says:

    HI Dee,

    I’m loving this! Salvatore is an epic member of my team and when i hear stories like this, it just confirms it. He is still so passionate about hair, which feeds through to the rest of the team and the clients that come in. He will always go that extra mile as he understands the nature of true customer service and the need to tailor appointments to the need of individual clients.

    Thank you for the great feedback – I know Salvatore will be over the moon.

    • dee blick says:

      My pleasure Vince. Service and fantastic service at that is at the very core of your brand.

      • Kourosh Wallace says:

        Obviously, I have never met Salvatore before but after reading these posts he has already put a smile on my face and made me feel a sense of value – even if it is through another person’s experience. I bet he’s real fun to work with. It’s incredible how something good like this can spread… another testimony to Salvatore and how his enthusiasm is helping us all!