Why you should be saying yes to your customers

It was my birthday a few days ago. Having reached the grand old age of 52, I told my husband I wanted to go to Wagamamas for dinner. When we arrived the restaurant was half full and we were allocated a table by the large sliding windows. It was a warm and muggy night but despite this, the windows were closed.

I asked the waitress if she would open the windows to which she replied “We are not opening the windows tonight.”

To which I replied, “Why?”

She disappeared for a minute and the manager came back and duly opened the windows without any explanation as to their clearly random “no windows open tonight” policy.

This experience got me thinking.

It can be way too easy to palm off a customer and say no to a perfectly reasonable request when it’s clear that you should be saying an unequivocal- arms- outstretched exuberant, ‘YES!’.

It always pays to get into the mindset of delighting your customers by devising simple ways in which you can not only meet their basic needs, but exceed them and put a big smile on their face.

The simplest things cost nothing at all but they often have the biggest impact…

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  1. Raymond Bullen says:

    Thank you Dee. Very true. That wouldn’t happen in Canada, a country
    we could learn a lot about manners and helpfulness.


  2. simon casson says:

    This is true. Was the waitress a “young person”… if so, as with many restaurants today, I’ve noticed it’s young folk working to get their “beans” – and customer service isn’t part of their concept. They’re doing a job for bills not because they want to learn the trade. This reflects in attitude/service. UK Ltd has never been near top for customer service anyway. Other issue is management “leading” not delegating and hiding out back. Any decent restaurant needs a leader/maitre’d on the floor working the customers, keeping folk happy, quietly trouble-shooting, ensuring delivery – not difficult, but often missed – by a mile… Simon