Why you must fill your sales funnel!

What I invariably find when I’m brought into a business to discover why sales are not soaring is that opportunities are plentiful but are often being overlooked.

So here are some simple ways to fill your sales funnel…

Exhibited recently? If you’ve a bundle of enquiry forms you’re sitting on because you’re too busy, don’t hide behind a stalling email; pick up the phone to arrange a meeting.

Follow up all of the referrals passed to you from your networking colleagues. Some may not be that good but within those leads could be your next best customer. You have to take the rough with the smooth.

Use LinkedIn and Twitter to compose a VIP list of 50 people that should be in the running for engaging your services or buying your products. Read their profile; compose a charming, relevant and attention grabbing message to encourage them to link up with you or follow you, and then follow up with a great letter, on lovely heavyweight paper with your business card attached and enclosed in a colourful envelope (in your brand colours). Then pick up the phone!

Don’t neglect your live clients or your lapsed clients. Organise them into targeting groups. With one business I am working with I have categorised their clients into 4 groups – not buying enough; VIP; more potential; lapsed. We’re now building low cost targeted marketing campaigns using specific messages that will resonate with each group.

Contact your existing clients initially to check all’s well and they’re happy before following up with an introduction to your other products and services. How many are aware of the breadth of your services or products? If you were to present them with the dazzling array of your full offering, would it surprise them? “Wow, I didn’t know you offered that too.” Don’t assume your clients are in the know. Some could be buying services you offer from a competitor because you have not made them aware that you can meet more of their needs.

Don’t wait for sales to happen – make them happen!


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  1. Raymond Bullen says:

    Thank you Dee. Very useful comments.
    Ray Bullen