It’s all about you! How to be smarter at marketing in 2016

Happy New Year! As I’ve blogged before, the start of a new year is a great opportunity to improve your marketing. But, before you look externally, I want you to dig deep. You’re the biggest asset your business has. So shake off any limiting beliefs and make a commitment to improving your marketing mindset this year.

1)     Ditch the excuse ‘I don’t have time for marketing’. If you want to build a profitable business by developing a healthy pipeline of prospects you have to find time for marketing and to commit to marketing consistently every week.

2)     Step out of your marketing comfort zone. What do you avoid on the marketing front because it makes you shudder albeit irrationally? Are you playing safe, sticking to what you know because it feels comfortable? That’s great if your marketing is incredibly successful and there’s no sign of this success being jeopardised. But I know from working with small business owners this is rarely the case.  So embrace change. Push through your marketing comfort zone. New is good!

3)     Reach out to people. Self sufficiency has its limitations. Who can you help? Can you form a small number of partnerships with folk that complement what you do? Can you pull together marketing campaigns working with these folk? There could be many opportunities at your fingertips right now but you’re paying scant attention to them.

4)     Build your expert status. Who says you’re not an expert? You I’m guessing. I’ve built a reputation internationally as a small business marketer and author. It began with me acknowledging I had something of value to share and then seeking out opportunities for the momentum to grow to the stage where now I don’t take on work and opportunities come to me. But I had to put those hard yards in and shake off many fears, not least that of public speaking. So make 2016 the year in which you commit to sharing your knowledge and expertise. We all love an expert and it’s a sure fire way to shorten the time it takes for a prospect to do business with you. Don’t hide your abundant talent away….


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