A kitchen sink drama

And I suppose you want taps...?

When my in-laws decided to replace their kitchen with a not insignificant budget, they chose to shop local in the belief that they would benefit from an attentive and reliable service and would be supporting a local business. And so, one Saturday morning they paid a visit to three local kitchen designers. Here’s what happened.

Can’t you see I’m busy reading my OK magazine?

At the first showroom, the assistant was reading when they walked in. She did not lift her head from her riveting read. Hell no! Don’t let a hot prospect come between you and what Posh Spice is up to! After 5 minutes of being ignored, my in-laws left with a resolve never to return.

At the next showroom, the manager expressed an interest in quoting for the job, took some details and said he would be in touch.  Which in fairness he was, but only after he had been chased several times. And the quote was poor indeed. One flimsy sheet of A4, missing many of the details that had been discussed.

The company my in-laws eventually settled on delivered a first-class service from the initial conversations through to the finished kitchen in all its granite glory.

Now, what’s so bad about this true tale is that I know that the two dilatory businesses advertise on a regular basis. They pay to bring people like my lovely in-laws through their doors and when they get them, they deliver a service so poor and lacklustre that they don’t convert.

Sadly these two businesses are not unlike some of the small businesses I encounter on my travels. They lament that business is tough, that getting customers is a challenge and that ‘there’s no money out there’ when this is not always the case.  If you’re feeling the pinch, don’t simply point your finger at the external environment, blaming trading conditions on your shortfall.  Look within.

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  1. Richard Morrow says:

    I totally agree, this is such a common failing. I recently responded to an advert watch repair and servicing. Only to walk into the shop, having made a trip to my local high street, and find that I was about as welcome as snow in April. I was greeted with “we are busy so you will have to wait”, then “What do you want, because I cannot look at anything at the moment!” So I simply turned round without even uttering a single word and walked out. Now this company spend on local paper adverts, free directory listings and also door drops.
    The same cold shoulder was felt recently when looking to purchase a new car and a camera, from big and small retailers alike. I hope your article does make some of these businesses take note. Its not always the consumer not having the funds to spend, give us quality service and we will trade.

    • dee blick says:

      HI Richard, your story is worthy of a blog in its own right. What a horror story of appalling service! Thank you though for sharing it with me! Kind regards, Dee

  2. Sushma Windsor says:

    I am amazed at the poor service we all seem to get from UK suppliers. I too had a dreadful experience from a packaging supplier, who took a total of five months and countless calls chasing, to get one box designed to my requirements and deliver later than I needed. Customer service is disappearing altogether………Let us save the endangered species!!!

    • dee blick says:

      A nice way of looking at it Sushma..the endangered species that is customer service!Thank you for commenting on my blog. Your lovely edible flowers are still going strong on my window sill.

  3. Katrina Smith says:

    Now where they went wrong Dee, was that they didnt contact me. We would have come to them, brought them samples of doors, handles, worktops and everything they could possibly want for a new kitchen, and discussed it all in minute detail all in the comfort of their own home. We would have designed it, and after presenting the design to them, gone on to introduce them to their kitchen fitter and been on hand all through the build.

    I do hope they now have a lovely kitchen. You are right businesses need to show their customers that they want them, and will look after them.

    • dee blick says:

      HI Katrina, just had a Homer Simpson moment. Why did I not think of you?!!! Blame it on the fact that whilst that was going on, I was writing all hours and so not focussing on too much detail.