Marketing Troubleshooting

Find out Fast Why You’re Not Getting Results

You’ve sweated over that new or improved product or service, launched it and waited for the sales to come flooding in.

But it’s more of a drip than a flood and it’s baffling.

You embark on a marketing campaign to increase sales, to convert cold prospects, to revive lapsed customers.

No results. Just a dent in your budget.

It’s frustrating and you are tempted to step up your activities.

But wait. Rather than simply doing more of the same, put your brakes on for a while.

To find out why sales are not happening, you must find out the real reasons behind this lack of success. There may be many or just one.

Introducing the Marketing Trouble-shooter

Many years ago Dee developed a Marketing Troubleshooting System.  It’s a systematic process she works through with a business to identify the real cause for their lack of sales.  Dee developed this incredibly powerful diagnostic tool as a consequence of spending many years working with small businesses and getting to the root of their lack of sales.

What does the Marketing Troubleshooting System encompass?

In all likelihood, the reasons behind your lack of success will be found in one or more of the following:

  1. your product or service
  2. your competitors
  3. your marketplace
  4. your target audiences
  5. your marketing Toolkit
  6. your marketing and sales methods
  7. your marketing budget
  8. your team

Dee runs intensive one-day troubleshooting sessions in which she identifies the real reasons behind your lack of success and develops a tactical action plan to address them. Contact us today if you would like to book one of these sessions for your own business.