Marketing Planning

Your perfect plan…

If you are not getting adequate results from your marketing activities – perhaps you’ve thrown yourself wholeheartedly into networking and advertising or you’ve been persuaded to part with inordinate sums of money to promote your business online – it can be a challenge to know what to do next.

It’s time for you to become brilliant at the basics. And this means stepping back, rolling up your sleeves and getting stuck into creating your perfect marketing plan.  This is not an exercise that needs to stretch into days on end, nor does it require you to be a fully fledged and qualified marketer.  Your marketing plan can be accomplished within 1 to 3 days.  It is a liberating, inspiring and intensely practical process and will enable you to accelerate your business towards the sales figures that you dream about.

Look upon your marketing plan as a Sat Nav system for your business.

Your marketing plan is far removed from marketing textbook theory so there are no convoluted tables, unfathomable models or unwieldy explanations. Instead, the session will consist of intensive discussion, agreement and documentation, resulting in a marketing plan that is specific to your business, focused directly on the marketplace in which you work, and contains a list of clear and quantified actions to be delivered to a precise timeline. In short, an unambiguous working document designed to steer your business towards your company goals.

We will cover the following in your marketing planning session and more:

  • Segmentation -defining who you want to communicate with and why.  We explore the barriers that may prevent potential customers from buying from you and the triggers that will encourage them to buy.  We identify the decision-making units – perhaps there is more than one person involved in the decision to buy.  We analyse the different decision-making processes to avoid wasting time.  We uncover the most effective ways to reach your target audiences.  Through mailing lists?  Through the media?  On-line?  Or, as is more likely the case, through a number of different channels.  Targeting your message with laser-honed precision will save you a huge amount of time and money.
  • Real-world audience view – the people that you want to sell to rarely make the decision to buy in isolation.  More often than not their decision is based on a number of factors, including what is happening in their marketplace that may impact on their ability to do business with you.  We need to explore these various factors, to stand in the shoes of our potential customers. We otherwise risk our selling message being off-kilter, insensitive or even inappropriate. Once we understand the wider environment in which our target audiences operate we can craft relevant and compelling messages.
  • Marketing Audit – there is nothing to be gained from repeating what you have always done simply because it feels comfortable. Instead we take stock of your marketing activities to date, and review your marketing communications toolkit. We ascertain their effectiveness and impact.  This is a liberating process in itself and enables you to jettison, improve or continue your activities in the knowledge that your decisions are based on sound marketing principles.
  • Positioning Statement –created by exploring and then defining the benefits that you deliver to the groups that you sell to.  Why are these benefits valued?  Do you have an edge over your competitors?  Your Positioning Statement becomes your Bible – it can be used to brief your designer or copywriter and to help write your sales literature. It adds gravitas to your networking presentations, assists in making your advertising copy appealing and relevant, and ensures that your website content is top notch. Look upon your Positioning Statement as providing premium quality fuel in your tank.
  • Competitor Analysis – it’s important that we spend time identifying your real competitors, unearthing what we can learn from them, and honestly judging how your products or services compare with those provided by your opposition.  You don’t operate in isolation; there is every likelihood that your potential clients are fully aware of your competitors, and of their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Marketing Toolkit – once we know as much as we possibly can about your target audiences, we can discuss the blend of online and off-line communications needed to move them from a position of little or no awareness of your business, to one of being fully paid-up clients.
  • Marketing Tactics – the smile that you will have on your face will grow even broader at this stage.  It’s time to plan out on a 3 to 4 monthly cycle, just how we are going to reach your target audiences.  Will it be a blend of direct mail, advertising and networking with perhaps blogging, social media and exhibitions?  Maybe some PR will be added to the mix or perhaps some seminars to showcase your talent and your services to a selected audience of potential clients and influencers.  It’s impossible to say what your tactical marketing plan will comprise of until we have identified your target audiences in some detail.  If you have been used to ad-hoc marketing in the past, you will find this part of our session truly inspirational and enlightening.

It’s an exciting and intense process, so if you are serious about taking your business to the next stage, please get in touch to find out more.