Do You Want Sales Communications That Sell?

There’s a knack to writing copy that’s sublime and that sells. More sales, more prospects – more responses.

If you’ve been using the same flyers or brochures for donkeys’ years or you’ve resorted to using e-mail to promote your business because it’s quick and easy, there is a strong risk that you are underselling your business.  Yet unless you’re an experienced copywriter it can be a challenge to write even the simplest communications, let alone the more challenging stuff. It’s time to call in the experts.

Additional sales and prospects can be generated through the use of one or more of these:

  • Charming and targeted sales letters
  • Quirky and clever teaser flyers
  • Information packed newsletters
  • Inspirational and thought-provoking blogs

Each can kick start your sales communication process, maintain a relationship in between scheduled meetings and act as the catalyst that clinches the sale.  Today, when so many of our on-line communications are blunt and perfunctory, choosing to use charming, relevant and well-written communications can deliver sales even at a time when your competitors are struggling.

If you want your sales communications to generate sales, and plenty of them, it’s time for Dee’s Communications Masterclass.

The Communications Masterclass encompasses:

  • Defining your target audiences – who do you want to reach
  • Understanding the decision-making units and the decision-making processes of your potential customers
  • Reviewing what makes your customers buy your products or services
  • Documenting the barriers to a sale and how to address them in your communications
  • Building a list of hot words and phrases
  • Developing your robust Positioning Statement – your essential copywriting anchor
  • Expanding your Positioning Statement to be sector specific – the icing on your cake
  • Exploring the ‘Plus 1’ model and understanding how it can generate sales through your sales communications
  • Creating your shortlist of marketing communications (we don’t write them on this day…that’s for afterwards)

Why is this Masterclass, tailored exclusively to your business, so important?

Because you don’t want your sales communications to just be okay.  You want your sales communications to sell!  Find out more now.