You’re just 7 steps from your starving crowd

One of the hardest things about running your business is ensuring the right people know about you and, are ready to part with their cash, isn’t it?

Here are 7 tips to help you find your starving crowd


  • Make a list of the customer groups your business will appeal to. For example printers, accountants, hoteliers, Lettings agents. 4 to 6 groups should be enough to work with.
  • Consider any geographical restrictions. Are you only looking for folk in a certain postcode area?
  • Do you want to target businesses of a certain size? As your business grows and changes, your profile of target audience may change too. What seems daunting now will diminish as your experience and expertise grows.
  • For each group, compose a list of the compelling reasons why you  are relevant to them. What are their deep underlying needs? To what extent can you satisfy these needs? If, on reflection, you’d really struggle to satisfy a group, put it to one side and focus on the groups you can target with ease.
  • What are their present arrangements likely to be? If you pitch in as a main provider when they’re perfectly happy or even tied up in an agreement with a competitor, you’ll get short shrift. If you position yourself as a backup source for when their provider can’t deliver, it could open the door. I have generated significant sales for clients with this approach.
  • Can you also market through potential partners or introducers? For example, a marketer aiming at small businesses may well market direct but would also benefit from targeting designers and web developers.
  • Research done, use the Internet to find the details of 15 to 20 businesses in each group you’d like to target. Pick up the phone and do a little research. Find out who buys. How do they arrive at the decision to buy? What are their existing arrangements? How likely is it you’ll be able to move them away from their current providers? Building a detailed picture enables you to create timely campaigns packed with enticing messages.  If the thought of the phone terrifies you, use social media and business networking to reach out.

And don’t forget your existing customers! Create some simple categories. VIP, not buying enough but more potential, lapsed etc. VIP customers warrant your extra care and attention. A customer that buys irregularly warrants some extra marketing nudges to encourage them to buy more.  A lapsed customer is not necessarily a lost customer.

Targeting saves time and it generates cost effective sales, so don’t short change your business with a scattergun approach

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  1. Russell Hallam says:

    Useful post – a lot of marketing is not necessarily about flair, although that helps, it is about careful planning and simply trying to think like your customers.