Are you ticking the boxes that count?

I’m sure you’re passionate about delivering a top notch service to customers. But if you’re not doing what really matters to customers  you could struggle to command the rates that reflect your experience and expertise.

Where to start?

View your business through your customer’s eyes. Here’s what they are looking for from you.

  • Credibility – they want know and feel you’re the real deal.
  • Reliability - they want to know they can count on you to consistently deliver a high standard of customer service.
  • Competence – they want to be sure you have the skills and expertise to solve their problems.
  • Responsiveness – they expect you to be swift to respond to questions, requests and complaints.
  • Politeness – they want to be treated by you and your team in a courteous, friendly and welcoming manner.

And they really appreciate the WOW factor – that on top of all of this you go over and above the call of duty. List all the WOWs you deliver now. If you are under 3 there is room for more…You want all customers to be saying regularly “Wow that is amazing; I did not expect that.”

Meeting customer expectations goes a long way to ensuring you can charge a decent rate for your skills and you are recommended as well as being retained.

So, if you want to charge what you’re worth look beyond your skills on the job and show customers in real practical terms just how much you value their custom and all the big things and the little things you do to put them at the heart of your universe.

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