6 winning ways to increase responses to your mailshots and flyers

Tip number 1 - arouse interest in your mailing with an unusual gift.

Wahay! the Chartered Institute of Marketing has reported a significant upswing in the use of targeted direct mail in the ‘business to business’ and ‘business to consumer’ sectors. The key word here is ‘targeted’. The days of buying a huge, random list and bombarding it with your messages in the hope that some will stick are over. Instead, if you’re looking to communicate with cold prospects consider a charming, relevant and targeted direct mail campaign.

Use my Power of 3 for direct mail results, shoestring style.

1. A Teaser message to let the recipient know that something exciting is going to be hitting their doormat in the next few days. Use LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to make that initial connection. Remember a teaser message is just that. A couple of lines to stimulate interest as opposed to a soliloquy on the assets of your business!

2. Make sure that your direct mail shot has intrigue and impact power. A lumpy enclosure such as a nice pen, an attractive coaster, a product sample; something off the wall but entirely appropriate to your brand will ensure the envelope is opened. If you’re going to use a colourful envelope use your brand coulours.

3. Follow-up the prospects you really want to convert to paying customers either by telephone, email or return to social media.

According to Marketing Week, we have fallen in love with flyers again! Apparently big brands including Virgin Media have taken to using flyers – through business and consumer letter boxes.

Use my Power of 3 for flyer success:

1. Don’t do a ‘cheap as chips’ flimsy flyer unless you are a ‘cheap as chips’ flimsy brand. Nice thick paper, at least 180 GSM, the input of a professional designer and some compelling statistics and benefits about your business combined with genuine customer testimonial will ensure your flyer is sufficiently attractive to make a connection where a real need exists.

2. Consider a genuine offer to stimulate responses, and if you have an all singing all dancing website, promote this on your flyer.

3. Consider enclosing your flyer in an envelope with a hand written message if you are focusing on a small number of prospects. I can’t stress just how powerful this approach can be if you are targeting prospects in your local area. Writing “by hand” on the top right-hand corner of the envelope with a handwritten message in the middle of the envelope will guarantee the envelope is opened and your flyer read.

In the last five years alone I have managed to generate hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of business for clients using these very simple techniques. What’s stopping you?

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  1. Robert Craven says:

    Lumpy mail is certainly coming back into fashion. Mainly because it works!

    Get Lumpy


  2. Tom says:

    I love the idea of including a hand written message and will be using that.