'Mmmm, would adding S.W.A.L.K. seem a bit forward?

The sales letter has got plenty of mileage in it yet.  If you sell products or services to businesses or consumers, it can be impossible to connect with sufficient numbers online. Even if you have their online details, it’s an absolute fact that they will rarely make the decision to do business with you at the very first asking.  A blended campaign that integrates your online and off-line communications is vital if you are to build sufficient trust and confidence …

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'..and here on your left you will find my 'News' page'

If you have visited my website in the last few weeks, you can’t but fail to have noticed that I bound across the screen, greeting you and alerting you to the many goodies available to explore.  Yes, I have become my own website presenter, and it’s fair to say that since I have started bounding across said screen, the number of enquiries I have received through my website have increased dramatically. In fact many of the enquirers …

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'Ah, la puissance de trois.'

I was watching the BBC News last week during which the rather smug CEO of Whitbread was explaining why Premier Inns were doing so spectacularly well.  Success was, he explained attributable to 3 things, namely:

  • good value
  • consistent quality
  • friendly service

He also touched upon the blossoming and long-standing relationship between Premier Inns and Lenny Henry.  Apparently, Lenny stays at the Premier Inns frequently, eschewing the bright and glittering lights of the more exotic and luxurious hotels peppered around the UK.  I felt heartened by the CEO’s …

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''Mr Connors, it's time for your hearing test.''

As I’m dictating my blog, I’m holding in my hand a precious, albeit somewhat dog-eared piece of paper, accompanied by two e-mails from my client.  I keep these documents in my ‘hall of marketing fame’, periodically bringing them out and getting all misty eyed.

Let me tell you the story of how this one piece of paper managed to achieve something of a miracle with an investment of just £1000.

My client, a recruitment agency that specialises in bringing care staff from …

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There is nothing quite like writing a book to sharpen and focus the mind on the task at hand.  And here I am again propelling myself by choice into that virtuous loop of writing thousands of words in a vain bid to grab headlines and win the hearts and minds of readers.  Yes, I am churning out chapters for book number two albeit with the speed of a tortoise on Red Bull!  A good chapter, one that I am more than happy for a journalist to devour and a reader …

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'Oh My God! A split-infinitive!'

I had an interesting encounter in the supermarket last night whilst attempting to wrest an unwieldy carton of soya milk from a very slippery shelf.  I bumped into a financial advisor that I had met previously at a number of networking events.  Believe it or not, we started talking about the pitfalls and the profits associated with social networking.  Now this is a subject that has been on my mind for many a month and such is the depth of my passions …

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"Interested? No? Fair enough. Bye."

One of the requirements of maintaining the status of a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing is that I undergo many hours of continuous professional development each year.  As one of life’s willing students, it’s no big deal for me and because I am on a continual learning curve, I can never delude myself into thinking that I have all the answers in the marketing universe.

I enjoy learning in many ways, none more so than on a Sunday morning when I play …

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'But it was a great idea - no way could I lose'

Today’s blog post is a warning to any small business owner in too much of a hurry to sit down and analyse whether individual marketing activities really have brought home the bacon.

Are you sitting comfortably?  Let me begin.

Last week I had my regular monthly meeting with a business that I’ve been working with for several years.  The business owner, like most of my clients, is spirited and independent and therefore prone at times to making …

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'I just wanna be loved' (sniff)

I occupy a curious position in dealing with the media. I spend some of my time securing editorial coverage for clients,whilst at other times I write  editorial and articles in my own name for a number of business publications and websites, including Financial Mail Women’s Forum and BT Tradespace.  In the latter role, I am often on the lookout for an articulate and timely comment from a small business owner to spice up my feature.

So I understand the challenge of trying to …

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Don't worry, I'm sure they'll call back soon.

I spent most of last week in my homeland of Yorkshire, working with a business that has been established for a fair few years now.  It’s fair to say that previously they had grown through a blend of recommendation and holding onto their customers.  However, the good times have stopped rolling in over the last couple of years, hence the need to involve me.

What became glaringly apparent within just one hour of our first intensive marketing planning session was that …

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