A potential customer has decided to contact you. They’ve been reading your tweets, googling your name, checking you out by speaking to your existing customers and are interested in doing business with you.

And so they send you an email or leave a message on your phone, post a message on your social networking page.

But what happens if you do not respond to these messages in a timely manner? How is this prospect likely to react? Let’s play out the possible scenarios:

1.     You don’t respond (because you’re too busy).

They are now …

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'Let me just consider your price rise for a second ......... '

There comes the day when you realise that your expertise and experience is worth far more than you are currently charging. Or perhaps you’ve absorbed so many increased costs in a bid to remain competitive that your profit margin has diminished to the point where you have to increase your prices to stay in business.

The decision to increase your prices is usually met with anxiety.

How will your existing customers react?

They have become accustomed to paying you …

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I spent a day with one of my readers recently who confessed he had wasted thousands of pounds on direct mail. After we had spoken for just 15 minutes it became clear to me that had he put in place a simple marketing plan before embarking on his direct mail programme, he would have saved at least £5,000 and planned a much more targeted and  successful campaign.

Let’s get three things clear from the start:

  • a marketing plan is not theory
  • a marketing plan does not distract you from selling
  • a marketing plan is …

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It can be baffling trying to figure out why one or more of your followers unfollow you. There could be many reasons. Here are 12 of the most common ones.

1.  They were unscrupulous with a dodgy twitter strategy! They followed you (and many others too) with the intention that when you followed back, they would immediately unfollow you. Why do they do this? They want to look good, to puff up their ego, to show off to the world that they have many followers but follow very few.

2.  A person …

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It is tempting to judge your “success” on social media by the number and regularity of your outpourings, however the quantity of tweets is not the determinant of your success on social media.

One easy-to-measure yardstick that really sorts out the mediocre tweets from the top tweets is how many  are re-tweeted; when one or more of your followers, or indeed non-followers decides that your tweet merits re-tweeting to their followers. If you want your reach and impact to spread on twitter, you need to be tweeting in such a way …

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I realised the immense power of twitter as a marketing tool when I received a phone call from a business owner who wanted to retain me for my marketing services. When I asked how he’d heard of me, he explained that one of his followers had re-tweeted one of my tweets in which I shared that my book was still number one in the Amazon charts. He read the tweet, followed the Amazon link, purchased my book and after reading the first chapter decided he wanted to retain me. We …

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Sheffield’s golden girl, Jessica Ennis, did herself and the nation proud yesterday when she scooped the gold medal in the 2012 Olympic heptathlon, winning by a mile. So good was her performance in the 100 metres hurdles that it would have won the gold medal in the individual event in four of the previous five Olympics. Jessica really is an example of a multi-talented sportswoman, not just good at one discipline, but brilliant at several.

That brings me to another famous person, Wayne Hemingway. I attended an event several years …

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'OMG, I've got an email from someone I know!!'

Did I hear you say that e-mail marketing has had its day? We’ve galloped to the land of social media and micro-blogging leaving our burgeoning inboxes behind. Fed up being bombarded with all manner of irrelevant, ill targeted and unwanted stuff in our inboxes we’re spending our evenings and early mornings unsubscribing and deleting with a vengeance.

Well, yes you do have a point.

Charmless, pointless and irritating spam e-mail marketing has had its day. The spam e-mail marketers are in …

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'...and you're all gonna just love it!'

I would like to share with you a secret of mine. It’s the main reason why my second book leapt to position number one on Amazon on the very day it was launched and why most recently The Ultimate Marketing Summit sold out with a wait list despite there still being 8 weeks to go until the event.

It’s because of  ‘pre-marketing’ and, as a marketer I am a huge advocate of it. The best thing about pre-marketing is that it is …

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'Cheap fish, no cheap skates!'

Every day I am taught a valuable marketing lesson, or come across a marketing principle that I hold dear, reassuring me that no, I am not losing my marketing marbles despite my advancing years!  And that’s why today’s blog is all about fresh fish.

You see, a fishmonger’s has opened up in Horsham, the town in which I live. Since opening, the shop has been packed to the rafters with customers and not just on a Saturday, but throughout the week too. Walk into …

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