One of the hardest things about running a business is ensuring the right people know about you and, are ready to do business with you.

Here are 7 tips to help you find your starving crowd:

1. Make a list of the customer groups your business will appeal to. For example printers, accountants, hoteliers, Lettings agents. 4 to 6 groups should be ample for starters.

2. Consider any geographical restrictions. Do you only want to target people in specific postcode areas?

3. Do you only want to target businesses of a certain size? As your business grows and changes, your profile of target …

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You don’t have to be the World’s greatest copywriter to get incredible results from your copywriting. But you must be prepared to learn new skills and to implement them with obsessive attention to detail. Start with these 17 tips; honed over my 33 year copywriting career and watch those responses rise.

  • Be prepared when inspiration strikes.  Record ideas and thoughts and revisit them when writing your copy.
  • Don’t stint on the time. Rushing a letter, whizzing through an advert in 10 minutes is a recipe for pouring money down the drain. Invest quality time including time to let your mind wander; time …

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I had a conversation a few years ago with the franchisor of a successful franchise. He explained to me that his franchisee recruitment policy had changed dramatically over the years. When he started his franchise if a potential franchisee had the funds and was keen to start, he would sell them a franchise. Fast forward several years and the new franchisee recruitment process was stringent, including psychometric profiling and several tiers of interviews.

 Why the change?

To be brutally frank, like many business owners, the franchisor did not have the luxury in the early days of being too picky in his …

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You’re at work and two mailshots land on your desk. One envelope has a handwritten address; it’s of a good quality and you notice it’s lumpy. The other envelope by contrast has a label affixed at an angle; the sender has graced it with incorrect details and to add to this ignominy it’s one of those tatty brown envelopes you associate with bills and final demands. It’s flat as a pancake too.

Which envelope are you going to open with some enthusiasm and which one will you lob into the bin without a backward glance?

It was Raymond Rubicam, one of the …

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The Holy Grail for any small business is sales by the barrel load on a shoestring marketing budget. But in your zeal to recruit new customers, you can overlook the most cost-effective marketing on a shoestring campaign of all – getting back in touch with your lapsed customers.

To inspire you that a lapsed customer can easily become a live one again, here’s a client case study.

Mike Yorke runs the Mike Yorke Golf Academy. After reading my latest book he approached me asking for help in growing his customer base and that of the 8 coaches working under his brand. …

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I’ve a confession to make to you.

I’m a direct-mail junkie (pardon the pun). I cut my teeth on direct mail 33 years ago and in the years that have elapsed I’ve generated around £10 million of sales from direct mail for all manner of businesses; large and small. I’m no longer the lone voice in the wilderness proclaiming the many benefits of direct mail for small businesses. According to the Chartered Institute of Marketing and other revered organisations, direct mail is very much the comeback kid.  More of us are reaching for a pen and paper to grab our prospect’s …

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It is tempting to think that successful small businesses have found something extraordinary in the marketing department; that they have discovered the one marketing miracle at the end of the rainbow that only has their name on it.

The good news is there isn’t a marketing miracle you haven’t yet found. Or at least that’s my experience having worked with hundreds of small businesses in the last 33 years. But what I have noticed is that the businesses that succeed with their marketing and as a result that reap the rewards with many sales are doing the following:

1. They recognise …

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Happy New Year! As I’ve blogged before, the start of a new year is a great opportunity to improve your marketing. But, before you look externally, I want you to dig deep. You’re the biggest asset your business has. So shake off any limiting beliefs and make a commitment to improving your marketing mindset this year.

1)     Ditch the excuse ‘I don’t have time for marketing’. If you want to build a profitable business by developing a healthy pipeline of prospects you have to find time for marketing and …

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There comes the day when you realise that your expertise and experience is worth far more than your prices. Or perhaps you’ve absorbed so many increased costs in a bid to remain competitive, that your profit margin has diminished to the point where you have to increase your prices to stay in business.

The decision to increase your prices is usually met with anxiety.

How will your existing customers react?

They have become accustomed to paying a certain amount, have budgeted for your services or products and suddenly they’re faced with paying …

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At a book signing I was approached by a small business owner, anxious to find out why the mailshot he’d sent promoting his bookkeeping services to a list of 200 businesses hadn’t worked.

After spending a little time with him it became clear he’d fallen into the trap so many small business owners find themselves in – expecting too much from just one communication. Sure, his list was good quality. He’d spent time selecting businesses that would already be using bookkeeping services. They were close enough to him to appreciate …

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