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Why You Need Both Marketing Experience and Marketing Expertise

Irrespective of the size of your marketing budget and your marketing requirements, you need to be confident that when you’re paying for marketing advice, it’s the best advice that you can get.  It’s hard to trust the advice of a marketer who talks textbook theory and nothing else.  Similarly, can you be comfortable with the advice of a marketer brimming with creative brilliance but with no marketing qualifications or successful track record? Choosing the wrong marketer for your business can leave you woefully out of pocket.

So, what should you be looking for from your marketer?


An experienced marketer that has earned their stripes over many years will have developed a keen understanding of what works, and what doesn’t work.  They will have made their mistakes earlier in their career. You can therefore be confident that their recommendations are neither lifted completely from a textbook, nor based on the shallow experience of working with only a handful of clients.


A good marketer should have expertise in a wide range of marketing strategies and tactics.  Their portfolio should be brimming with successful projects – past and present.  They should relish your questions and be able to illustrate their answers with case studies that you can identify with.


A good marketer should have credible marketing qualifications – ideally Fellowship status.  This means they have to maintain their professional qualifications with an annual programme of continuous professional development (CPD).


  • If after gaining an understanding of your requirements they arrive at the conclusion they can’t help you, they should tell you.
  • They should be willing to share their experience and advice with you initially at no charge, enabling you to explore the potential of the relationship without commitment.
  • The partners they recommend to you – designers, web developers, copywriters – should be the best too. They should not be recommended to you because a finder’s fee is the sole motivation to do so.
  • You should be aware of their pricing structure from the outset and understand what you can expect for their fees.
  • They should provide you with a list of their current clients, so giving you the opportunity to hear directly from the horse’s mouth what they’re like to work with, what they have delivered and whether it met expectations.
  • They must have professional indemnity insurance. This is a requirement of being a Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing

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